Sunday, November 16, 2008

Getting settled

Post from Matthew this morning:

Had nice day yesterday. Visited the village church where we will be having some meetings next week. There we were, in an African village, dirt floor, no glass in the windows, crude wood benches and they started the service with a "mission" story. That seemed a bit ironic.

Had a great afternoon with Andrew, he is a sweet kid. His english is not very good, and he has a real aptitude for "destroying" things I have been told. He is a creative kid who loves to draw. He finds pieces of brick and charcoal and works on the pavement.

Hope to see some movement tomorrow in regards to proceedings.

We had a nice potluck today. Me and about 10 kids who accosted me on the street this morning. I bought a couple of loaves of bread and peanut butter and me and one of the older kids (Moses) made an assembly line while they waited patiently. They were disturbed by the fact that a few drops of peanut butter were wasted when I dripped them in the dirt. One of our goals while here is to try to find some opportunity for these kids. We have some ideas but nothing solid yet.

Also, had a chance to visit Tim's aunt and sister this morning. They are doing well.

Keep us in your prayers.

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