Friday, November 21, 2008

Day in court

Well, we've been busy on both sides of the ocean and haven't been keeping up with the posts. Matthew went to court yesterday morning with Andrew. He got quite a grilling. Amog the accusations were that we didn't have enough income, that the five children we already had is a big family even by Ugandan standards, that we were trafficking children, etc. Matt left the hearing pretty discouraged. The attorney, on the other hand, felt things went quite well. There's the Ugandan court system for you.

The judge said she would give a ruling on Dec. 16. We were hoping Matthew could come home before then. It will take about a week after the ruling to get Andrew's passport and visa. But the attorney thinks there's a good chance she'll make a decision sooner than that. Nonetheless, we're preparing for the long haul. Our biggest concern is that everything be complete in time for Matt and Andrew to come home by Christmas, because everything in Uganda shuts down for a couple of weeks during the holidays.

Matthew was feeling better today because company had arrived. A group from our church, along with my Dad, will spend the next eight days in Jinja volunteering at Andrew's orphanage, conducting a series of meetings, visiting schools and doing some medical work. They showed up exhausted after a 48 hour trip (they spent one night in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia), but excited.

Will keep you posted on their activities. Please keep all of us in your prayers.

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