Monday, March 24, 2008



kcself said...

So great to see Levi up and going with everyone! We're still praying that he continues to get stronger and that he is healed. Thinking of you all!!!
Love, the Selfs

Anonymous said...

A trip to the zoo, how wonderful!!!All of your blogspot has been printed and placed in a folder on the work table in my office. Both of us look at it from time to's always good to see how far you have come and remember who has brought you this far. We continue to pray for all of you by name, in worship and throughout the day. With love and prayers, Milton and Ann

Grandma Ruth said...

Enoyed so much seeing the kids at the zoo and hearing them laugh. Especially to see Levi joining in and enjoying the surroundings! God has given him and us a special blessing!