Thursday, March 13, 2008


This is Evonne. She lives in Wisconsin, and came from the same orphanage as Levi a couple of years ago. She has cerebral palsy, and is having a really tough time. Her mother, Cheryl, describes her struggles in an excerpt from an email she wrote:

"First, her seizures have become both more frequent and more powerful. They are no longer stopping when her emergency seizure medication is administered. Her last large seizure lasted several hours, while in the hospital's emergency room, and ended with pneumonia from aspirating fluid into her lungs.
The seizure medication they have since added to the regime has helped. However, it is fairly toxic and the doctors want her on it for no more than 2 months. ... Our prayer is that a replacement drug at the end of the 2 month period will be both available and effective.

The second prayer request would be for her immune system to be strengthened. She has been uncomfortable and ill, with very little break, since last July. She seems to be wearing down, bouncing back more slowly with each seizure or illness. We pray for healing so she can get strong.

Please add Evonne to your prayer list.


timothy said...

Evonne is in our prayers

Jesse Brass said...

God's hand was on Levi, I know that God has tremendous compassion for Evonne. I will hold her up in prayer.