Thursday, February 28, 2008

Warm Hands

Things continue to progress, he is now receiving no supplemental oxygen. His blood saturation is mostly between 91% and 93% (we had been told to expect numbers in the high 80's, the lack of full saturation is in part a result of leaving the pop-off valve in the heart for him to adjust to the increase in pressure, something that could potentially be closed in a year or so).

Last night was a long one. Over the last few weeks Levi has become chemically- and ventilator-dependent, and the withdrawal symptoms kept us up till 5:30 or so. He is now resting peacefully (as for me...).

On another note, if you knew Levi before the surgery be sure to hold his hands next time you see him. You might be surprised. They're warm.


wendy campbell said...

thanks to sam morris i've been following your blog for the last couple of weeks.

in your next entry - could you give us an idea of what the new over-all prognosis is? at one point you used the word 'terminal' and were talking about possible heart and lung transplants. is all of that still part of what you're facing?

you're all in my thoughts

LeJean said...


What a wonderful, joyous sight!!!! It's amazing how Levi can be so absolutely gorgeous even with tubes. God surely has a plan for this young one. He has already touched so many.

You all will continue in my thoughts and prayers. Levi for continued progress—rest, comfort and assurance for your family.

God's in everything and everything in God.

Anonymous said...

Sorry that the hours might drag as Levi's small and fragile body tries to adjust to all that medical science has done. We are praying that while healing continues, the detox won't leave him restless and in pain over what he is able to bear. We wish that we could take this problem away...but like most of this journey, all we can do is pray. With love and prayers, Milton and Ann

Anonymous said...

I haven't been able to look at your blog for several days, and it was very uplifting to come here this morning and see how well Levi is doing. Although we don't know you guys, you and your family have been in our prayers continually. And while I know that lots of prayers get answered, it is especially amazing to watch this one. We will keep praying for you.

Jana Turner