Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Ice Cream and Smiles

Larisa is on her way home to be with the kids so it's just me and Levi for the next 18 hours or so. They have pulled the two central lines and everyone seems very pleased with his progress. Just a few moments ago Bebi and I shared a treat, his first "real" food in over two weeks. 85 cent low-grade orange ice cream never tasted so good. It's nice to have him back.

God is great.


Anonymous said...

Matt, What a wonderful blessing to see Levi's smile. Have to think that you had a big smile on your face when you took this picture. What a difference a day makes! With love and prayers all around, Milton and Ann

Alibert Bok said...

Hi Matt,

Thanks for sharing this wonderful picture. I am so glad to see this little fellow smiling again.

And, I can image that ice cream never tasted so good. He really deserved it.


Anonymous said...

What a relief just to see him smile. Thanks for posting the picture.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the picture...makes my heart smile. :0)
Blessings to you all!
Great is the Lord and Mighty is He!!!
Dawn Moore

Kristi said...

WOW!! God is good!!! Much love - Bamagirl!!!

gosoonersjy said...

Rachel, Rosie and Lawrence are standing here next to me so happy to see "little Tim-oh-tee's" smile. Lawrence said, "he's happy!"
Rachel says, "I love you."
Rosie says, "I want to pray for "little Tim-oh-tee" tonight.
We are so thankful for his progress and continue to pray for him and for all you watching over him.
the Colemans

nancy wheeler said...

Bee-Bi...your's're're back...I'm so full of love for GOD right now. Please, Matthew ...tell him Nancy says she loves him and will see him soon.

Goood Shepherd.. you have walked this baby through the valley.
Our cup runs over.

Anonymous said...

Hi Matt and Larisa,
So good to see the pictures and the smile.He looks so good.
May the Lord continue to shower His love on you all.
Thank you for taking into your hearts and family all your precious ones from Uganda.
Thank you for walking through the valley of the shadow of death with Levi Timothy.
Thank you so very much to all your "village" who are helping you.

Please tell him Uncle William and Mummy Mandy send their love.
Mandy and Welcome Home

whitney brass said...

he looks AWESOME!! pray for him and all of you everyday!! love you all so much...

awhitacr said...

Look at that smile! What a precious see Levi, after being through so much, flash that amazing smile. Praising God and praying for continued healing!
Amy (Carolyn's Board friend of Mindy)

dialbrass said...

WAHOO !!! Praise GOD from whom ALL blessings flow. Praise God for cheap ice cream !! What a beautiful picture. Love you all SO much. Alan & Dianne

kcself said...

Looking great!! SOO joyful with you about his improvements!!! We keep praying for more! It feels so good to eat ice cream after having a vent--esp for so long!! (((hugs))) to your whole family from us!!
Keith, Chris, Jesse and Melia

mburgin said...

that is the most beautiful picture. thank you for letting us see him looking a little bit like himself again. i truly can't believe how far he's come - praise GOD!!

huge hugs to my sweet little nephew - i love you, bebi!!


Julie said...

Gorgeous ... the best picture I could ever imagine seeing! Wow, wow, WOW ... I've been away all week and haven't been able to check the blog. I am just blown away by his progress!!!!

Congrats to all of you,

Julie (Mindy's friend)

Alibert Bok said...

Hi Levi (Bee-Bi),

I just added your beautiful picture to our website (, Latest News section).

I want everybody to see this wonderful picture of you and to see that miracles are happening.


Jacqui said...

This is the best happy tears anyone can shed. Thank you so much for letting us see his beautiful smile.

Anonymous said...

God IS great! What a miracle little Levi is. And what a smile. Thank you for the opportunity to follow his progress through this blog. I think there has been a cyberspace sigh of relief. Did you hear it? I pray for many great days to come.
Jennifer (from Carolyn's Boards)

lance mccluskey said...

That is tremendous!!!! What a smile!!!

God is great...indeed!

Anonymous said...

How beautiful his smile is!!!

I was just reading your blog to Buddy so he would be updated.

We are keeping you all in our prayers.

It will be great when we can see the little guy in church once more.

Love, Buddy & Mary Ann