Monday, February 18, 2008

In regard to the meeting of the minds...

When we came back from supper we learned that Dr. Sharma (our cardiologist) had finally heard from Atlanta and had been given a number of opinions/ideas about how to proceed. He printed off the email and rushed off for a rendezvous with Dr. Mack (the surgeon). Although we tied the nurse to the chair and interrogated her extensively we were not successful in obtaining more information. Apparently we will just have to wait until tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Larisa,I am sorry you couldn't get any answers today. I can't imagine what a long day this must have been. You all continue to be in our prayers.
All our best,
Lynn and Dan Lange and family

whitney brass said...

Just want you to know i am praying for you guys and MANY of my friends are too... Every time i think of Levi i pray (many times a day). God has brought him out of africa and into your hands for a reason. God will pull him through. Sounds like he is lifted up to God ALL the time. God will bring him through.. i love you ALL SO SO MUCH!! still praying... Whitney

Alibert Bok said...

Hi Larisa,

I just want to let you know that we added an item about Levi on our website ( under the latest news section and ask visitors to pray for him.

I keep on praying for Levi, you and your family and loved ones.

Alibert Bok - Holland.

Anonymous said...

Options!! Ideas!! WOW, this sounds great already! Waiting for the pot to boil has always been hard but God's light at the end of the tunnel is most encouraging. The perfect timing of our God seems slow at times but in the end is awesome. Everyone we know has you guys on their prayer list.
May peace enter your day today as you anticipate the progress.
Love and many blessings,
Gerhard and Trish

Anonymous said...

I have a smiling face and a lime-green jacket burned into my computer screen, as I compulsively check for updates.

I don't think I fully understand prayer, but I'm on my knees. I know I don't fully understand God, but I'm trusting Him.

Countless eyes, minds and hearts are on Levi.