Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Dr. Sharma dropped by briefly to say that Atlanta had proposed two fixes, likely temporary, for Levi. The first would be what the doctors here have already suggested--reversing what was done in surgery to restore him back to his previous condition. The second would be to go in and complete the repair, adding a bigger patch in such a way as to free the obstruction in his heart as well as create a "blow hole" of sorts to relieve extra pressure. (My very crude interpretation.) Then they'd send Levi home to see how he does.

Dr. Sharma is going to try to talk with the Atlanta doctor as soon as possible and bounce the ideas off the surgeon and his partners here. He'll get back with us, hopefully sooner rather than later, to expound on the alternatives and what they might mean longterm.

A piece of potentially positive news is that apparently the doctors in Atlanta feel that at least some of Levi's lung problems may be reactive—resulting from the effusion of blood to the lungs after surgery—as opposed to fixed or longterm damage, so his prognosis could be better than previously thought.

In the meantime, Levi has developed some pneumonia, probably due to his time on the ventilator and other various paraphernalia, so it will be a couple of days before anything can happen. Dr. Sharma thinks that's good because it will give everyone time to consider the opitions and make the best decision. I doubt Levi agrees. At this point he is nearly levitating off the bed he's so ready to get out of here. At least his antics give us something to do while we wait.

Will post more details later ... hopefully.


mburgin said...

i am hugely relieved to read that they think this is at least partially reactive. and i'm cheered that they think there are CHOICES - nice to go from "no options" to "best option," isn't it?

i think of you and levi constantly, and each time i do, i say a prayer. i look forward to watching levi fulfill his God-planned purpose for a long, long time to come.


gosoonersjy said...

We continue to lift up the little guy who is so ready to get out of that bed! Thankful for the good news and options. We believe,

the Colemans

Anonymous said...

Prayers are being answered. Levi has lived through another night and shows you signs of frustration. Rather an unhappy child than than one that is too sick to respond. We are glad to learn that you may have some options and that his lungs may not be as damaged as indicated a few days ago. How blessed this little one is to have people the world over lifting his name to our Heavenly Father. When he is old enough to understand, he will know that he was a prayed for boy...when you brought him home as your child, and again when his heart was so sick. We continue to lift all of you in prayer several times each day, and when we awaken during the night.
With love and prayers, Milton and Ann Siepman