Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Good news already this morning. I arrived in the ICU to find the respiratory therapist "power weaning" Levi off the nitric oxide, which was treating his pulmonary hypertension. In 45 minutes they had dropped him from 20 ppm to 4 ppm. They have also further dropped his oxygen to 30 percent coming through the ventilator, the level at which they typically extubate patients (we breathe 21 percent oxygen). His oxygen saturation levels remain at 100 percent.

Don't know what might change after surgery, but to us this is a promising sign.


Acela said...

Larisa and Matt,

Praise God for this encouraging development!

All our prayers this last few weeks have begun, and ended, with Levi.

Acela and crew (Deb & Val's family)

Anonymous said...

Wonderful news! "This is the day the Lord hath made, REJOICE and be glad in it!"
With love and prayers,
Milton & Ann Siepman

Anonymous said...

Hi Larisa and Matt,
I was thrilled to read your blogs today. We have really just been concentrating on praying for his lungs. I sent out an email again to hundreds of our Welcome Home family. They are all praying for the surgery and for you.

Love & blessings