Sunday, February 24, 2008

Fairly quiet night, except that Levi has tested positive for flu. He's running a temp this morning, but otherwise everything looks good, according to the docs. We're hopeful it won't stunt his progress too much.

I'm not feeling the greatest myself, so I'm heading home after a bit to take Tamaflu and a nice hot bath.

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Anonymous said...

My Dearest Cousin, Seems like it was just yesterday we attended your lovely wedding. I read all of your comments and my heart and prayers go out to you and yours. I lost my 2nd son, so am looking forward to joyously claiming him in heaven. Gaps in our lives are so difficult to deal with. You have been and are going through a real valley, but remember, God watched as His Son gave His life for us and He understands totally what you are feeling. It sounds/looks like Levi is making sound progress and is going to do well with the plans the Dr's have for him. May God bless you and your family as you trudge along this path that has been given you to journey on. My prayers are with you, Larisa. Love, Terry Greene Dickerman