Sunday, February 24, 2008

Despite battling the flu Levi did well today. They have been weaning him off of the nitrous oxide and his saturation levels have actually gone up. This afternoon he was averaging 95-99 percent saturations on 35 percent oxygen. If things continue to go well he may be off the vent in the next couple of days. At that point they will have to wean him off of his narcotics. Due to the prolonged sedation he has likely developed some dependencies.

There are still longterm questions in regards to how his lungs will respond to the new anatomy and how extensive the present damage is but it appears that the heart repair was successful.

Thanks so much for your support and please continue to keep us in your prayers.


Anonymous said...

Hi Larisa,
I hope you are feeling a lot better. Glad he has had a good day.
We prayed for you all in church today. We are all going to keep praying for Levi Timothy's lungs.
Nine of the people in our church today know him from having volunteered at the home. Many of them have played with him and prayed for him in person. There is a lot of love for this dear boy.
Love and Blessings

Anonymous said...

Larisa, We hope that you are feeling some seems that we are so focused on praying for Levi that we tend to neglect how you and Matt might be doing. We saw Hannah, Judah and John again in Sabbath School and church yesterday. Your folks seem to delight in their company, and we love seeing them. It brings saddness to realize that while going through the healing process Levi has been exposed to treatment that will cause negative withdrawal. Our prayers continue to be for God's will to be done in Levi's life, and faith to sustain your family as you continue with the day to day. We are grateful for your messages. Please take care. With love, MIlton & Ann

gosoonersjy said...

Will be praying for the upcoming transitions and are thankful for them! Our church prayed for Levi Timothy today, too.
Rachel said today that she wants to be a doctor in Tennessee and help take care of "little Tim-oh-tee."
the Colemans

Anonymous said...

I haven't stopped praying. I hope you're feeling better, too.


Anonymous said...

My mom forwarded me your blog page. I read 2 days in and when I got to the Psalm I started to cry. What a tough thing to go through and yet I can hear the powerful, compassionate, and strong voice that only a mother could have in your writing. I feel like we are so out of the loop over here in California, but know that my thoughts and prayers are with you always. Say hello to your husband and all of your beautiful children. God Bless!
Much Love,
Cousin Janelle