Thursday, February 14, 2008

Chapter 2

Following this afternoon's heart cath we were ushered into one of the small rooms that doctors use to talk to patients about important stuff. The first words out of the surgeons mouth were, "to be honest, this was a lot more complicated than we thought." That statement was followed by 30 minutes of sketching, explaining and pointing at wall charts in an effort to communicate the complexities of the human heart to our simple brains. The short of it is, however, that as soon as we can get Levi healthy enough we will transport him down to Atlanta for an additional surgery.


kcself said...

Wow so frustrating . . . we're praying for strength for Levi and for you . . .
--Your KS friends

gosoonersjy said...

Again, praying for you. Will update all of our church family and prayer warriors who are praying, too. May God continue to strengthen you.
Loving Levi,

the Colemans

nancy wheeler said...

We are praying without ceasing.
I am so happy that Levi belongs to Jesus and He is fighting for Levi. Michael the Prince of the people always wins. We are praying for your increased strength and faith.

gil and nancy