Thursday, February 14, 2008

Another detour

At 1 p.m. today, they will do a heart catheter on Levi to try to figure out why the oxygen levels in his blood are so low. They've actually been dropping over the past 24 hours, in spite of the fact that they're giving him 100 percent O2 through the ventilator. With the heart cath, they should be able to see whether this is a result of the fluid that's still on his lungs, his heart function or the pulmonary hypertension they found after surgery—or a combination. Under normal circumstances he would be off the ventilator and much of the sedation by now, which would have helped him lose the fluid. So it seems that each issue compounds and complicates something else.

Levi is sleeping now and did pretty well last night. I found out that the night before, as I was drowsing in the ICU lounge, he was going nuts, kicking his feet and yanking on cords. He even managed to pull out his chest tube. Anyway, a bunch of drugs kept him fairly quiet last night. Think this is going to be a long haul.

Thanks for the prayers and all the notes of encouragement. Stay tuned...


mburgin said...

glad to hear they are agressively seeking answers. hopefully this will reveal something helpful.

it was good to hear you this morning. keep on keeping on - levi is blessed to have you in his corner.

i love you,

mburgin said...

p.s. landon came up while i was typing and said to tell his cousin to "get well."

Sam said...

I'm praying throughout the day. Healing for Levi, peace for you and Matt.

The Lord has been good to your family. He'll continue to be good.


gosoonersjy said...

Continuing to pray for Levi. Many thoughts and prayers lifted up as the minutes go by.


Proxy said...

As I was reading your blog, tears and one outstanding thought came...there was a reason Levi was brought into your strong family, full of love. I think that was the first miracle of many that will fill his life.
You've been on my heart and mind constantly and prayers will not cease.

We love you all,

Jen and Mas