Tuesday, February 12, 2008

7:43 a.m.

Levi just went back to surgery. He was in excellent spirits, having been given a dose of a pink medicine that made him both sleepy and extraordinarily silly—beating up a stuffed bear he'd been given with his toy plastic hammer and throwing himself face first into the pillow on his rolling bed, then screaming and laughing hysterically. He attracted a bevy of nurses, alternately smitten by his grin and alarmed at his antics, and an anesthesiologist resident wondering what he might have gotten himself into. The anesthesiologist has nine kids himself, six of them adopted, so that's kind of a nice connection.

Anyway, in all the commotion they slipped him out of the room for surgery without a cry for Mama—and surprisingly, Mama didn't cry either. (Well, not much.) We're now waiting for the call that they're starting the procedure. If all goes well, the anesthesiologist said they'll be able to wake him at the end and pull out the breathing tube before he goes up to ICU, which would be great. But we'll see. Stay tuned...