Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Settling in

Well, after four days of recovering from jet lag and getting used to the fact that it's still winter here, things are starting to seem, well, normal.

I know there will likely be some ups and downs, but Andrew seems to be fitting in remarkably well. There is general squirming and slapping and an uptake in neediness as everyone scoots around to fit in the latest member of the family. Overall, however, comes the sigh of relief in a process and family complete after weeks of absences and lives in the balance.

For his part, Andrew is rambunctious, curious and affectionate. He's quickly made himself comfortable squealing down our driveway on four wheels, climbing trees and cozying up to the dog and cat. He's adopted his brothers toys, finds cooking endlessly fascinating and, tonight, ate broccoli for the first time with relish—"they are trees for eating," he announced to the rest of the tribe.

"Relish" is actually a good word to describe Andrew's attitude toward life thus far. All seems action and adventure. After more than five years behind the walls of Welcome Home, everything is discovery and delight. Short on English exclamations, he resorts to grunts and cries or, failing that, bursts into a torrent of his hybrid Lusoga/Lugandan.

So, yes the house is noisier, yes the laundry piles up faster, yes there are twice as many requests for apples cut, cups filled with water and shoe laces tied. But we have Andrew. And it's fun.


KJ Photos said...

Oh,my, Larisa!! Thank you for your descriptive story of life at the Brass home!! What a joy to read about Andrew and the rest of the family. I loved the part about the "trees for eating"!! That is so precious!! He will learn the language fast around his family!!

Anonymous said...

What a great peek into your life. We're headed to WH in May to pick up our 3 boys. :o) So very excited.