Saturday, January 10, 2009

Me and Andrew

Got a very sweet boy sitting on my lap right now. We're full of Miranda cherry soda and an ice cream cone. He knew right where to go when we got the the source.

When I went to the orphanage this morning, he ran right over to me and grabbed my hand to go sit on the swing. I gave him a little toy airplane I bought. He seems to just like to be with me. I'm going to buy a Lusoga book so I can talk to him some more, but he's proud of the English words he knows and keeps asking about the names of different things. He's really bright. Although we're probably killing him with all this sugar. He's got a five-year deficit to make up for though.

I saw Dada. She is a sweetie and wanted to come on the walk with us. I talked with Rose for a while and she said you were very "annoyed" when you were there about the process. That made me laugh. She also said Andrew climbed to the top of the roof at the orphanage. Well. Must return Andrew for lunch. I think he is ready to come home with me, though. Maybe by tomorrow night.

Love you, call me later. Happy Sabbath. God is good.


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Anonymous said...

We are hopeful for you guys. Can't wait to meet Andrew again. We are praying for you.
Mike and Lisa