Wednesday, December 3, 2008

From Matthew this a.m.

I went to a "western style" deli today. Ordered a nice plate of lasagna and sat down to enjoy. Right out the window a young woman sifted through the dumpster looking for something to eat. The name of the deli was "Indulge."

Mistaken Identity:
On more than one occasion I have been mistaken for Jesse. He apparently had made quite a name for himself by distributing his surplus "Obama '08" bumper stickers to the locals. It is not uncommon to see a boda-boda drive by now with the "O" logo on the mud flap. A young lady stopped me and said, "I never got my Obama sticker." When I told her I was not the one handing them out, I am not sure she believed me. All mzungus look alike, but some more than others.

Please Pray:
Thursday morning at 9 (1 a.m. est) our attorney meets with the judge. If we don't get an early ruling it looks like I will be headed back alone. This is not ideal for me and not at all ideal for Andrew. Please pray for us.

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