Monday, November 24, 2008

Note from Jinja

We have been day to day on Andrew but it now appears that it will be next Tuesday before we can hope to see any real movement. The judge is out of town until then. When she returns, we'll call each day to see if she will make a ruling before Dec. 16 on our case. As usual, it's wait and see.

The group arrived Friday and everyone is enjoying themselves. Jesse has a slight fever and spent this morning in bed but is feeling a bit better now.

We took a tour of the Iganga SDA school this morning, and they are trying to start some new education programs there that incorporate learning a trade into the curriculum.  It seems a really thoughtful idea that would go a long way in addressing some of the issues we see here of so many with lots of schooling and no work.

Our meetings in the village are going well and quite a few people have been coming. It is an experience to be interacting with people whose lives seem so different than ours. Their homes have no power or road access, in many cases they are mud and thatch. But, despite all that it's amazing how much we have in common.

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