Sunday, November 30, 2008


Post from Matthew this a.m.:
The group is gone. It's just me, and Andrew. He has been really sweet. He likes coming over to the guest house and seems to be a well behaved little guy. His English is poor but he is a fun kid. A little sensitive and moody so he should fit right in.
That is the day we are supposed to really know what and when things are going to happen. Keep us in your prayers.
We took what was a fairly difficult hike yesterday through a rain forest. 3-4 miles of hilly terrain in search of red-tailed monkeys. We caught an occasional glimpse but no great sitings. When we got back to the van, drenched in sweat there was a troop of about 10-20 a few yards from where we were parked. They had babies and juveniles and did all the cool monkey things, like eating fleas off of eachother and leaping from tree to tree.
Out of place:
We took a "traditional" boat tour. "Traditional" meaning that there were no life vest and the guy running the engine spent a fair amount of time bailing water out of the boat. We stopped by a fishing village. We met a couple of Israelis who had been there for six months building a sailboat to circumnavigate lake Victoria (the largest lake in the world). The design seemed a little bit ill conceived. They placed a large, heavy cabin at the very front of the boat.

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