Friday, March 7, 2008

Took Levi for the first of many follow-up visits to Dr. Sharma today. Everything looks good. Dr. Sharma said his heart wasn't functioning quite as well as he'd like to see, but that is probably a result of the pacemaker and his body continuing to heal and that hopefully everything will settle out over time. He added a new drug to the regimine—we're getting pretty good at this—and sent us home to keep getting better.

Levi put on a real show, hamming it up for everybody. When the x-ray tech at the hospital strapped him to the board for a chest x-ray and told him to smile for his picture, Levi fussed a little at first, then turned and gave a big goofy grin. The past couple days he's seemed a lot more himself, being silly and cracking jokes. His voice is starting to come back too, although it still isn't much more than a hoarse whisper. He has periodic meltdowns and his energy level isn't that high yet, but he definitely is a far cry from where he was a week ago.

This weekend we're having a celebration of his recovery with family who is in from out of town, and we'll try to get some photos to post.

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Anonymous said...

May it be a weekend of rest and renewal. Wish I could be there to see everyone.