Saturday, March 1, 2008

Little bit of a bumpy night Friday. Levi pulled out his feeding tube part way and had various other interruptions to his (and dad's) sleep. Got him on a sedative tonight to try to avoid a repeat. The big success, after two solid days of neither eating or drinking, was a sudden craving for rice and apple juice. This came shortly after a visit from his sister and two brothers, which cheered Levi up considerably and apparently made him remember he does want to go home after all.


Anonymous said...

Hi Larisa and Matt,
Thanks for the great picture. It is a blessing to see him with his visitors. It sounds as if he will start remembering there is life without pain and tubes everywhere as he sees their freedom. I sent out about 1,000 requests for continued prayer for his recovery including lungs today in the newsletter.
Love & Blessings

Anonymous said...

Good Morning and a great morning it is. God is in control and He knows all the roadways. We continue to stand with you guys in prayers of thanksgiving and graditude. We have added your friend and baby Tessa to our list. This will be a beautiful day as you settle back into a normal routine once again.
God bless you all real good and keep you form all harm.
Gerhard and Trish Flemming