Monday, March 3, 2008

Open Heart


Alibert Bok said...

What a wonderful video.

It is so good to see the "old" Levi again. Smiling and happy.

Thanks for sharing.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing this video. Makes me cry and praise the Lord at the same time. :0)
Blessings! Dawn Moore

mburgin said...

that's a great video. brought on the tears here. God is so good!

enjoy being together as a family again.


Anonymous said...

So, so good to know Levi is back home. Welcome home, family! Praise God for His goodness to all of us who have prayed for this little guy and his family.

Praying for Betty and Tess.

Love, Mary Ann

Alibert Bok said...

Hi Larisa,

I just added the video to the "Latest News" section and watched it for a dozen times again. I can not get enough of watching this beautiful video.

I call Levi a “poepie”. This is a Dutch nickname given to a VERY, VERY sweet, adorable person who has stolen your heart and will stay in your heart forever.


Anonymous said...

It's been wonderful to experience Levi's journey through this blog.

Also, good to be part of a large group of prayer warriors for Levi.

Love to you, Larisa, Matt, Hannah, Judah, John, Levi and Timothy,

Nancy K ("Auntie Nancy!!!")

Anonymous said...

PS Continuing in prayer for all of you.


Anonymous said...

So happy for your family! God Bless,
Jennifer (from Carolyn's boards)

Anonymous said...

Levi is the cutest little boy ever! I love the video. How could he not bring a smile to your face?

See you soon.

Knoxville Pediatric Cardiology

absolutegray said...

Love the video! I can see Levi has such a spirit, it captured my heart and I have never met him. Your children are all so lucky to have such wonderful, selfless parents! I'll keep checking in on Levi and hope to hear more good news with every post!

(Carolyn's boards)