Thursday, February 21, 2008

We made it through the night! Have had some false starts with the pacemaker, with a couple extra trips in for the rep and Dr. Sharma through the night. Levi's oxygen sats are also a little waffly this morning, and they're keeping him at 60 percent on the vent for now. All this has to do with the fact that he's fighting the pain and fluid in his body after surgery, and things should level out over time.

Last night the nurse on duty made the comment that, given the severity of the heart defect Levi was born with, it was "a miracle" that he had made it this far. Dr. Sharma has said several times that every doctor he has consulted on the case (probably numbering 15-20) has offered a different opinion on Levi's condition. It occurred to me that they have probably not seen a kid like this survive.


Alibert Bok said...

Hi Larisa,

Thank you so much for keeping us updated. The internet is a nice medium to do so.

I am glad the forecast is so much better than a few days ago.

I keep on praying.


lance mccluskey said...

Praise Be!

Continuing to pray + telling others to do so...

lance mccluskey

Anonymous said...

What a roller coaster of emotion. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your journey. We are grateful that Levi has come through the night. Perhaps an important part of your story, especially to those in the medical profession who are caring for Levi, is that Levi isn't just a loved child, he is a prayed for child. We continue to watch and pray, always with love,
Milton and Ann

mburgin said...

what a blessing that God truly knows the heart. i'm so glad to hear levi is still holding his own. and glad his physicians are so attentive. we'll continue praying that he'll recover from the trauma of surgery and get back to his crazy little self soon.

much love,

LeJean said...

What a fighter! What a kid! Y'all will continue to be in my (an apparently hundreds of other's) prayers.

gosoonersjy said...

Praise God. Thanks so much for letting us know how things are going. Loving Levi and keeping him in prayer,
the Colemans

hmmj said...

Our prayers continue to be with Levi and with you. My children and I were reading the children's Bible before bed and read the section titled "The Great Physician"- Levi is in the best of hands, cared for by doctors but overseen by the great healer. I'm so glad to hear he is holding his own!

Heather (hmmj)

kcself said...

So thankful for the improvement and continuing to pray. The Lord gave that kid some extra spunk for a reason!! (((hugs))) to you all!!!
Much love--
The Selfs

Anonymous said...

Levi has, and continues to be, in my thoughts.

Shana (a friend of Mindy's)

Anonymous said...

Hi Larisa,
I am praying for you and Levi. Cindy has be keeping me informed about his condition.
I hope to see you soon.I will put Levi on the Prayer list.

Cindy's Mother Kathy