Wednesday, February 20, 2008

They were delayed in starting, at 4 he was on bypass and underway.


mburgin said...

not sure links work here, but going to try.

yes, jesus loves levi :)

Anonymous said...

I have been praying for your little Levi all day. My heart and prayers are with you and I pray that God guides the doctors hands to help heal levi.

Much Love,

Ann L. (Ducky)

Alibert Bok said...

The video is working (you have to copy/paste the address into the browser).

What a wonderful video of a wonderful little boy.

I check the Blog a couple of days and hope for positive news.

I keep on praying....

Alibert Bok.

dialbrass said...

Our prayers are ascending on HIGH.
We heard about this site 4 days ago and cannot keep away from it. I check it first thing in the a.m. and last thing at night. Thanks for keeping us that live far away posted. We LOVE Levi and the rest of the fam. You are all lifted up daily.

Hugs...Alan & Dianne
your Colorado fam!