Saturday, February 9, 2008

Setting the stage

Almost exactly six months ago, Levi came home. He is 3 years old, not quite 3 feet tall, 27 pounds and a force to be reckoned with. He loves Cheerios, milk and to "go mama's car." He is always helping, always busy, rarely sleeps past 6 a.m. and flirts like crazy. He has the worst temper in our family and the best smile. At the orphanage in Uganda that was his home, he was known as "the mayor." To him and to us, he is now "Bee-bi."

He is here because his mother died shortly after he was born and his father couldn't care for him. He is also here because he had a congenital heart condition that can't be repaired in Uganda, where he was born.

Monday, we will finalize the adoption of Levi and two other Ugandan boys, John and Timothy, who came to our home at the same time. Tuesday we head to the hospital to ensure that Levi will be our son for a long time to come.

Welcome to our journey.