Wednesday, February 13, 2008

R&R (rest and recuperation)

The doctors tell us this will mostly be a day of rest. They are keeping him on the respirator another day due to the pulmonary hypertension (PHT). He is, however, breathing on his own power, the breathing tube is just there to supply oxygen and medication for the PHT. We spoke with 2 additional cardiologists this morning who were more optimistic about the lung problem and feel it easily could be a result of the surgery and resolve itself. As for now, Levi is responding well to the medications and resting fairly consistently. I hope he will forgive us for what has turned out to be a singularly unpleasant experience. Next time, he may think twice before chirping, "Mama, go car!"


kcself said...

That would be so great if the PHT were only a temporary complication. Continuing to pray for Levi and for you all. BTW--so happy for you that the finalization is completed!! Whew! Hope you are able to get some rest. Is there a Ronald McDonald house there? Maybe the hospital is close enough you don't need it?? The beauty of this surgery happening so young is he hopefully will not remember it!!
Best wishes from us--
The Self family

lance mccluskey said...

So glad to hear the surgery has gone well. Will continue to keep you all in my thoughts + prayers.

God bless,
Lance McCluskey