Friday, February 15, 2008

Nothing about this situation has been easy and this afternoon things appear to growing even more difficult. After further review of yesterday's heart cath the staff of physicians here have reached a few conclusions. One, he won't be able to come off of life support with the repairs that have been made to his heart, so they will likely have to open him back up and basically reverse the process. Two, according to the cardiologist's opinion, he has terminal pulmonary hypertension. That means if they fix the problems with his heart, his lungs won't support him.

They are sending the records to specialists in Atlanta to get another opinion. We have asked them to explore the possibility of a heart/lung transplant.


absolutegray said...

I'm a friend of Mindy's. I am following Levi's surgery and post surgical condition through this blog and wanted you to know I am praying for him. The few pictures I see of him on this blog have touched my heart. Hoping to hear encouraging news from you soon!

Joanne (nyjocool on Caroyln's boards)

Anonymous said...

The Mid-day Prayer Meeting Group from the Greeneville SDA Church are praying for Levi and your family.

gosoonersjy said...

Yes, we continue to pray, trust and hope.

Erin said...

Larisa, I am so very sorry for the struggles your son and your family are facing with his health complications. I have a three year old son through adoption as well... and my heart is full as I think about how you must be feeling.

You all are in my prayers and thoughts.

Erin (a friend of Mindy's)

suzanne said...

I am another friend of Mindys and am praying for your family and Levi. Much strength to you in this time. (((hugs)))) Suzanne (sledbet on Carolyns)

alan said...

we are praying out here in Calif... Love Alan Young

Cindy and Phil in MT said...

We're adoptive parents of 3, and have been praying for Levi/Timmy since before you met him :-). It's a privilege to be able to continue to lift him and all of you in prayer... for doctor wisdom, for healing, for His peace to surround you all.

Anonymous said...

Whatever the outcome, just as I know that God chose my adoptive parents for me nearly 65 years ago, I believe He chose you to love and care for Levi.

Anonymous said...

Alan told me about Levi. Know that we are praying for his healing. The Lord knows and cares. ><>Keith

Anonymous said...

Prayers for Levi from Utah.

Faith beyond hope.

Jeff, Lori, Ethan, and John

Anonymous said...

Serenity is not peace from the storm but peace amid the storm. May God's peace be with you during this storm. God is with you.
My thoughts and prayers are with you.

Barbara & Saroj

Anonymous said...

Hi Larisa and Matt, Praying for you as you face this new day.
I just got off the phone from William who is calling the mums to a prayer time for Levi.Have lots of people praying for a miracle for his lungs to be able to recover and work well.
Praying for strength for you.
Love & Blessings

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry about this turn of events. My heart is breaking for you. I am praying for Levi and your whole family. May God's healing hands touch you all.
Jennifer (JenMN from Carolyn's boards)

hmmj said...

Levi has been on my heart and in my prayers constantly since yesterday when Mindy let us know of the complications he is facing. You are surrounded by support and prayers-and I believe in the power of prayer and the healing potential of love.
Heather (hmmj from Carolyn's boards)

Anonymous said...

Larisa, We are praying in Wisconsin for Levi and your whole family. I feel very connected to your struggles, as we adopted Evonne from Welcome Home nearly 3 years ago. I have been praying for your son for a long time, and had at one time thought of helping to bring him to US and have him stay here during his surgery. It never worked out and we rejoiced when you adopted him. God bless and lift you all through this.
Cheryl Riedmiller