Tuesday, February 26, 2008

It's out! Will have to watch him for an hour or two to make sure the throat doesn't swell up and close on itself, but so far so good. Levi was so happy he cried. Well, he probably didn't cry from happiness—but I did.

As they were preparing to extubate him, the cardiologist who first determined that Levi had major lung problems stopped by for the first time since his last surgery. She pronounced the repair "perfect" and said she was really amazed he was doing so well post-op.

After all this waiting and watching, it just feels like Bee-bi has been born again.


gosoonersjy said...


Anonymous said...

We rejoice with you.
It is time for him and mum to be able to have a good cuddle.

Anonymous said...

Yahoo!! What a milestone! Thank you Father.
Our prayers continue!
Gerhard and Trish

Alibert Bok said...

Now that's good news !

Indeed: Hallelujah !


Anonymous said...

Wonderful news! We have been praying almost constantly this afternoon. Saw your mom for a few minutes at church and she had a big smile on her face when she said "it's out!" We praise the Lord with you. We are praying now that if there is swelling it will be manageable. Love and Prayers, Milton and Ann

Anonymous said...

Praise the Lord!!!
So happy for all of you!
Dawn Moore :0)

mburgin said...

i'm not sure i've ever been happier to read anything! i'm soooo glad he's free of the tube. praying he does perfectly and continues to amaze the medical minds!!

love you guys,

Anonymous said...

So Happy Happy Happy

Grandma Ruth and Uncle Connie

nancy wheeler said...

Thank You Father! The Lord be Praised. He has heard and answered prayer.

We love you
gil and nancy

Anonymous said...

So thrilled for all of you! Praise God, praise God!! May Levi continue to improve each day now...
Mary Ann