Friday, February 22, 2008

I spent an hour trying to hammer out an insightful paragraph on the mystery of miracles, but then realized that's probably best left to C.S. Lewis and people who've had plenty of sleep.

For now, I'm just glad that today my little boy opened his eyes, looked at me and said, "Mama." For now, I'm thankful that the doctors approach us with smiles instead of looks of pity. For now, I'm thrilled to think that soon we could be taking Levi home.

So much has changed. I never thought that I could be the mother of a sick child. I thought I knew my limits. I looked with wonder at others who have children with disabilities or longterm illnesses and wondered how they coped.

To be honest, I probably haven't had time to process everything. The last 10 days have been unreal, surreal, exhausting, numbing. But I'm pleasantly surprised to discover that beneath all that, I am not afraid.

For now I am simply thankful for the gift of Levi. For now, that is enough.


Alibert Bok said...

Dear Larisa,

I have tears in my eyes.

Thanks for taking care of this precious child.


Anonymous said...

Hi Larisa,
Praying for your Sabbath to be blest and that you see more progress in the healing process post surgery.
We continue to pray for a miracle for Levi's lungs that the Pulmonary Hypertension will not affect him any more and any damage would be healed.
William and the Mums send their love and prayers. We appreciate you and your family very much.

Beth said...

Your post made me cry yet again, the difference today is it is tears of joy! We'll continue to pray for him. The kids have been praying for Levi too. What a miracle! Happy Sabbath!

gosoonersjy said...

Wow, I can't wait to read your writing when you've had plenty of sleep. Your updates have been so touching and heartfelt, bringing tears to so many eyes, it sounds like. We are all so thankful to be able to hear from you and feel the tenderness of a mother caring for her child.
Praise God for that moment you described when he awoke and spoke to you. What an amazing answer to millions of prayers. We anticipate so many wonderful moments ahead. We pray regularly for this sweet child and look forward to hearing from you again.
the Colemans

awhitacr said...

Dear Larisa and family,

What a joy to read your entry this morning. Praise God for miracles! Praise God for Levi! We will continue to lift your precious son in prayer. I can only imagine how sweet "mama" sounded coming from Levi's lips after this difficult week.
Keep trusting in the One who tells us to "fear not" and promises He will never leave nor forsake us.
(Carolyn's Boards friend of Mindy)

Jacqui said...

That must have been the sweetest sound you're heard all week. I hope for more happiness for you and your family in the coming weeks, months and years.

mburgin said...

beautiful post, sister.