Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Good news to greet my first morning back since Sunday. They're going to try to pull Levi off the ventilator by this afternoon. They've pulled back the pressure, so that he's essentially breathing on his own now, and they're going to see how he does. The internist is pleased that he hasn't seemed to have any adverse effects from the flu and is hopeful that he'll be ready to support himself. There's a chance that his airway will swell up after pulling out the tube and they'll have to put it back in, but we're hoping that won't be the case. Still don't know what that means in terms of him going home, but he'll definitely be a happier camper off that nasty breathing machine.

They've also cut his sedation in half, so watch out world—Bee-bi is waking up.


Anonymous said...

PRAISE GOD!!!! Our God is so wonderful. Far beyond our comprehension and imagination. Little Levi has put up the fight. He knows for what he is intended within his spirit. I know it feels so good to finally take a deep breath and also to just blow it all out instead of holding it. Wow!! All of this is hard to bear today but just think of how it will feel when you can say to some hurting parent, "I KNOW how you feel, for I have been there". This is where we on earth can be of such true comfort to those who are hurting. You know yourself what it means to have strong support camped around. Would it not be wonderful if we could just get a quick peek at all the angels God has standing by just for us? Our prayers continue for you all and also for the new comers to the unit. Several huddle around the computer as I bring up your blog each morning for them to read and each whispers, in unison, Praise God!
Blessing of Peace and well being,
Gerhard and Trish

Alibert Bok said...

Praise The Lord.

What a good news!

I hope and pray the pull off the vent will go well and Levi will be released from this terrible piece of equipment. Of course it is a nice piece of equipment which saves a lot of lives, but I can imagine Levi want to get rid of it.

Also good to read the sedation is reduced and Levi will be allowed to wake up to let everybody know he is still around.

I keep on praying for Levi, you and your loved ones.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful News!!!!!!
We rejoice with you.
Praise God who has shown Himself Faithful to answer the prayers of His people.
It sounds as if the medical staff have him well prepared to come off the respirator. We will pray there is no swelling to inhibit his breathing.
Knowing how much he loves to explore and enjoy himself I am sure they will release him home as soon as possible otherwise the unit could be terrorized by Bee-bi.
Love & Blessings
We are still asking for the complete healing of his lungs.